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Andrey Guryev has been re-elected as president of the Russian Fertilizers Producers Association. The decision was taken unanimously at the RFPA’s annual general meeting.

09.06.2022 | News

Andrey Guryev has been re-elected as president of the Russian Fertilizers Producers Association. The decision was taken unanimously at the RFPA’s annual general meeting.

The meeting also extended Maksim Kuznetsov’s term as the Association’s executive director, approved the annual report and accounts for 2021, and elected the Association’s auditor and management board.

RFPA President Andrey Guryev thanked the heads of all the Association’s member companies for their joint work to develop the domestic mineral fertilizer industry and Russian agribusiness. Over the last 6 years with Guryev as head of the RFPA, the Russian mineral fertilizer industry has increased the production of finished products by more than a third to 26.3 million tonnes (calculated as 100% of the active ingredient), while Russian agribusiness has practically doubled its purchase of mineral fertilizers. In recent years Russia has assuredly held the status of second largest producer of mineral fertilizers in the world and is still the only country that is 100% self-sufficient in mineral fertilizer production.

The domestic market remains the priority for the RFPA’s members: Russian farmers purchase more of our country’s fertilizers than any of the almost 150 countries that import Russian products.

Last year purchases grew by almost 20% compared to 2020. In addition, over 10% of purchases were sold by producers at the Saint Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange.

In 2021 exports grew half as fast, according to the Russian Federal Customs Service, although Russian products still account for 16% of the world’s trade.

Russian mineral fertilizer producers have already completely fulfilled the Russian Ministry of Agriculture’s plan to provide mineral fertilizers to domestic agricultural producers for the spring sowing season. By the end of May, Russian farmers had purchased 3.4 million tonnes of mineral fertilizer active ingredient, which is 12% more than over the same period last year. As such, over the five months Russian producers have provided more than 70% of projected agribusiness demand for mineral fertilizers for the entirety of 2022. As of today, companies in the industry are awaiting the Ministry of Agriculture’s purchasing plan to the end of the year to calculate production dynamics and optimise supply chains.

“Last summer, RFPA member companies voluntarily fixed prices on their products for Russian farmers. This was done in anticipation of the expected growth of global prices and well in advance of the increased volatility of financial markets. Today, Russian farmers enjoy perhaps the best purchasing conditions of all world economies. In addition, supplies of industry products to the mining industry are proceeding smoothly in accordance with customers’ requests,” stated RFPA president Andrey Guryev. 

Last year, RFPA member companies invested almost RUB 150 billion in developing the industry as capital investment as part of large-scale projects to increase production capacity and expand the product assortment for Russian farmers. Over the next 7 years total investment in the industry will exceed RUB 2 trillion. As a result of the investments made by RFPA members since 2013, the industry’s production capacity is planned to almost double by 2026. 


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